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Covergirl, Literally! Janelle Monáe Covers ELLE Canada

Get your fix of the gorgeous and talented Janelle Monáe covering the February issue of ELLE Canada. The newly signed face of Covergirl talks about her upbringing, beliefs and musical influences! But of course the topic of her suited up style comes up to which she says…

“I started wearing this uniform, to be perfectly honest, because I have an amazing body.”

I feel my expression shift into the facial equivalent of “WTF.” Over the years, she has given many reasons for her sartorial choices – most often, she says the look is to pay homage to her parents, who wore uniforms while working as a janitor and a garbage-truck driver, respectively.

“I’m serious – I’m not playing,” she maintains. “When I look at myself in the mirror, I’m attractive. I really have a nice body. And I had to pick: Do I want them to focus on my body? Do I want them to focus on how curvy and really, really gorgeous my figure is? Or do I want them to look at my music? What has more value? And I made that decision. I want them to focus on the message and the music because I feel like I have a higher calling.”

Congratulations is in order for Janelle Monáe, as she just received three Grammy nominations for her collaboration with Fun. on their single “We Are Young”, and their album “Some Nights.”

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