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They Say a Hit Dog Will Holler, Cassie.

Cassie has had enough of the chitter chatter on blogs and twitter about her concubine status with Diddy… While she’s been “committed” to “him” for years, it’s pretty evident it hasn’t always been mutual (hello Chance, Jessie and D’Lila).

Her vent session on Instagram has only opened the door for more shade, seeing that if she didn’t care or it didn’t bother her, she wouldn’t address it, right!?

I am not sure what’s coming in the fall other than the presidential election, but hey Cassie keep collecting your coins boo. In the meantime, Ryan Leslie is probably somewhere poking his Cassie voodoo doll.

 She also dropped off a link to the Cam’ron and Mase track, “F*ck You.” 


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