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Lamar Odom Gone from Mavericks

Is it the Kardashian curse? The reality TV curse? Either way it’s a wrap for Lamar Odom with the Dallas Mavericks. Lamar has been place on the inactive list for the remainder of the season, which means the Mavericks aren’t outright releasing him and will still be able to trade him at the end of the season.

“The Mavericks and I have mutually agreed that it’s in the best interest of both parties for me to step away from the team,” Odom said in a statement to ESPN.com. “I’m sorry that things didn’t work out better for both of us, but I wish the Mavs’ organization, my teammates and Dallas fans nothing but continued success in the defense of their championship.”

While this has been Lamar’s worse professional season, word on the curb is that “too much drama” in his personal life is the reason for his departure.

“The Mavericks are parting ways with Lamar today. Too much drama, not enough focus on basketball,” a source close to the situation tell RadarOnline.com. “He just couldn’t get past all his issues, whatever they may be, and concentrate on playing basketball.

However his high profile marriage to Khloe Kardashian is not the blame. “It’s not anything with Khloe, in fact, she has been the smartest one in his group and has been pushing him hardest to stay focused on his job.”

Hmmm… Sounds like the perfect content for Khloe & Lamar: Season 3.

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